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devKing, eclipse add-on for checKing QA

devKing for J2EE applications is a tool designed to facilitate and automate compliance with quality standards and best practices for Java code, JSP, JavaScript, HTML and XML.

Automatic Error Prevention

Coding standards are specific rules for a programming language. By implementing and monitoring compliance with these standards you can avoid errors at the time the code is entered, reduce the time and cost of debugging and testing activities necessary to detect and correct them.

Adoption of coding standards

Ensuring the compliance of these standards by a development department can be a long and tedious task without the support of some sort of tool that will facilitate and automate this work.

This is what has led many organisations to adopt devKing, a tool developed by Optimyth. It contains hundreds of rules that prevent errors and automatically standardise the code.


The unit tests module included in devKing generates integrated reports, within the development environment, that show errors that occurred during testing as well as pointing out the problem and its cause.