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Customer cases

Find out here other customers experiences with our Optimyth solution suites.

Optimyth guarantees the quality of the Novacaixagalicia’s applications

The software development practices have to follow the most well-known standards.


José Antonio Fernández, Architecture and International Support Director of Novacaixagalicia presented the experience of his entity in the applications development environment, where the quality is the objective. In this journey, the solution checKing QA has become an important tool in processes where the CMMI level 5 certification that Novacaixagalicia has is key. Several IT managers and directors of big Spanish companies attended this event organised by Optimyth software.

The Government of La Rioja relies on Optimyth Software to manage software quality

Optimyth Software will be the technology partner that will work alongside the “Agencia del Conocimiento y la Tecnología” of the Government of La Rioja (“The Knowledge and Technology Agency” of the Government of La Rioja) in a project of management and improvement of the quality of the software in-use code, either developed internally or by third-parties.

In the words of The Knowledge and Technology Agency’s manager, D. Antonio Ruiz La Santa, “this is the first step in controlling the quality of the development phase, and to assure that the code that is put into production accomplishes the minimum requirements”.


Novacaixagalicia achieves CMMI 5

It is the culmination of a long journey that has made the company a pioneer in the field of CMMI 5.

In Spain there are just a few companies that have a software quality CCMI 5 certification. The company Novacaixagalicia can be proud of their quality software certification: it is the culmination of a long journey that has made the company a pioneer in the field of CMMI 5 in Spain.


Optimyth certifies the quality and performance of the Panda Cloud Antivirus Portal

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the revolutionary and free new solution for domestic users of Panda security, which protects users in real time against new malware from the cloud. The new solution has revolutionised the industry of security.

The portal which houses: www.cloudantivirus.com, has played a key role in the launch of this new solution, the quality and performance of which has been certified by Optimyth Software.


Optimyth Software adds value to Zurich´s experience

Optimyth Software checKing AIM Solution is the key to the sucess of Zurich´s Centre of Excellence.

On 2nd of June, Optimyth Software organised an event at the Urban hotel in Madrid, where Zurich - the insurance company - presented its Centre of Excellence, giving a practical view of the quality and management of software systems and its alignment with its business strategy.


Nacex invest in Technology and Information Systems

Nacex, the urgent package and document delivery company of Logista Group, launches its new management system, Diana, a critical business application for the entire franchised network and clients, with the collaboration of Optimyth Software, the market leading technnology consultants in the “technological Optimisation of software applications” field.

Diana is a complex system built on J2EE architecture formed by 9 Linux machines, running two instances of the Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise on each machine. The system is connected to a data centre with an Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition database on two HP SuperDome machines containing 16 high availability CPUs.


Proactive quality in Caja Madrid

The application quality and performance guarantee is a priority for Caja Madrid. In collaboration with the optimisation expert, Optimyth, this financial organisation has moved from reactivity to proactivity and it has established a continuous improvement circle.


Betting on the usage of an application that finally does not meet the requirements set prior to its development can be extremely expensive for an organisation, and not only from the economic point of view but, essentially, from the services quality point of view.