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A major challenge for companies is to manage the complexity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure throughout the entire life cycle of the software applications. Typical problems faced are:

  • The poor performance of applications or user expectations that are not satisfied;
  • Inability to prevent downtime of applications or systems;
  • Long and costly MTTR ('Mean Time To Repair');
  • Too many deployment cycles;
  • Excessive resources consumption;
  • Overspend of budgets.

These problems have a deep impact on the business of companies (around 80%), and only a 27% of those companies are able to detect or prevent them.

In over 70% of cases, companies do not have a clearly defined model for resolution, requiring an average of 6 calls to determine who the "owner" of the problem is.

Experience tells us that the Management of IT Optimisation is not sufficiently taken into account by organisations. This includes continuous improvement of the applications, infrastructure, testing and deployment and the software development process.

For this reason, Optimyth Software has developed a portfolio of consulting and training services, arranged around the life cycle phases of applications, designed to help companies and integrators to incorporate these practices.