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checKing in the cloud: SQA as a service

Static code analysis service for software quality assurance

ChecKing in the cloud is a static code analysis service in the cloud offered by Optimyth Software.


Watch the how it works 3-minute video

No installation and infrastructure hazards.
Flexible usage model. Analysis on-demand or by subscription.
Information privacy. The code is deleted after the analysis.
checKing Quality Model (CQM) based on the ISO-9126 standard framework.
Wide variety of analyzers. Coding standards, duplicated code detection.
Applications portfolios to group metrics and quality indicators.
Essential software metrics: Cyclomatic complexity, volumetry, function points.
Historic evolutive quality data for metrics and indicators.
Intuitive navigation.
Automatic report generation.
cheKing in the cloud

Go to the checKing in the cloud site

Register for a demo tour or take a 30-day free trial. Now you can analyze and verify the quality of your application’s code on demand or by subscription. No installation or licensing is required and you can get the essential results and reports on the analyzed code immediately.

Get started!

  1. You just have to sign up for the size and time period that you need. After that, you will have access to the portal  to run analysis and check the results.
  2. To run an analysis, login to the portal and securely upload your code. ChecKing in the cloud will detect and inform you of the technologies and size of the code. Once you accept, you are ready to go and run the analysis.
  3. Once the analysis is completed, your Source code is automatically deleted from our servers for your privacy. The results will be immediately accesible in the dashboards or you can generate executive and detailed reports to ditribute at your convenience.
  4. Your results are stored, so you can come back to control the evolution of your quality metrics and indicators in future analyses.

Control the quality of your code with all the benefits of a cloud service

Software quality assurance is key for those organizations that need to develop applications to support their business model. It allows them to control and manage their maintenance costs, increase their productivity and their end user satisfaction. No matter if the development of applications is done internally or externally SQA should be a fundamental part of the process.

On the other hand, more and more the software-as-a-service model (SaaS) is gaining ground in IT organizations over the on-premise model.

Both factors are generating a growing demand in the market for a new category of services to meassure and control the quality of software in the cloud.

ChecKing in the cloud (www.checkinginthecloud.com) is an example of this new brand of services. Designed and operated by Optimyth Software, and based on its checKing platform, it allows customer to autonomously analyze their source code and get the essential results to control the software quality through comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Features Benefits
  • Static code analysis.
  • Duplicate code percentage.
  • Quality metrics (number of violations, cyclomatic complexity density, lines of code…).
  • Function point estimation.
  • Dashboards for result visualization.
  • Historic quality data on the different versions of an application.
  • Comparative results among different applications (benchmarking).
  • Automatic executive and detailed reporting.
  • Tutorial to understand the quality model and result interpretation.
  • Portfolio grouping of applications.
  • Quality model based on ISO 9126.
  • ChecKing Quality Model (CQM). Proven quality model based on standard framework.
  • Shorten the adoption curve of SQA during the development of applications.
  • Affordable costs for the adoption of SQA since there is no need for licenses or infrastructure investments.
  • Allows a flexible capacity model to cope with peaks of SQA needs.
  • Broad range of technologies already available. JEE/J2EE (Java, Javascript, JSP, XML, HTML), ABAP, Cobol.