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checKing AIM: Application Inventory Manager

  • Across industries, CIOs are being asked to do more with less. In light of recent budget cuts and optimisation mandates across all industries, most enterprises are seeking to optimise their existing application investments. They are doing this by enhancing application functionality and pursuing reductions in application maintenance and support costs. In fact, the transformation of an existing portfolio can reduce the overall costs of ownership and, at the same time, directly align applications with business strategy.


    ChecKing AIM generates an application map containing information about both organisational and logical entities. It allows the execution of queries against the model, as well as impact analysis. An impact analysis describes the way entities within the model are affected by modifying other entities.

    This information is extremely important for the planning of maintenance, evaluating the impact of proposals and modifications to the applications and to make strategic decisions
    , such as:

    • The modernisation of the applications.
    • The migration or modifications of technological platforms.
    • The documentation of the applications.
    • An impact analysis.
    • The management of outsourcers.

    ChecKing AIM provides a corporate overview of the software assets. It enables companies to access the information at every level from a single program or source code file to the application use level and its resources.

    It automatically discovers and catalogues all the applications and highlights those legacy applications that are difficult to understand, maintain or modernise. It does this by generating the documentation you need to understand the applications and their interactions with external systems.  

    ChecKing AIM helps companies to overcome all these challenges because it provides:

    • Risk management.
    • Simplicity.
    • Asset classification.
    • Productivity.
    • Improved outsourcers management.
    • Modification management.

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