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Application portfolio management

Do you really need all the applications you maintain?

In these times of unstable economy, knowing where to cut the IT budget reducing expenses is key to be competitive, in some cases, even to stay in business.

Recent research on the estate of applications in North American and European companies of all sizes(*), states that:

  • They spend millions of dollars on applications they don’t need. 85% of global IT chiefs say this excess needs to be cut.
  • Companies could cut over 20% of their applications without any impact on their performance.
  • Half of the companies interviewed said 50% of applications need to be retired.
  • 60% of enterprise companies say they currently support "more" or "far more" applications than necessary.
  • Only 4% say every IT system they use is business-critical.
  • 56% of large companies and enterprises say half or more of their applications are custom-built.

You have more than you need, you know you can save money and valuable resources by rationalizing your application portfolio, you want to do something about it, but you don’t know where to start. Why?


During years, companies have been developing applications. They have used different technologies depending on the needs or the flavor of the year, adding layer after layer. This trend has created what some call the ‘application bloat’. If you add the fact that developers leave, documentation gets out-of-date or is nonexistent, applications become a black box hiding a good deal of complexity within. You may have people in the organization that have a partial understanding of this complexity, but you need a global understanding to untangle the complexity of your applications portfolio and be able to make the right decisions to slim down the bloat and collect on the savings.

Optimyth’s solution allows you to establish a rationalization process by opening the black box of your application portfolio to understand its complexity.

Are you ready to rationalize your application portfolio and start saving money today?

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(*) Capgemini 2011, Annual report on the state of corporate application portfolios

Do you really need all the applications you maintain?

How we do it

First of all, we create an inventory of your application portfolio. We can discover all the low level components of your applications and the dependencies between them, even if these components are implemented with different languages and technologies. Then we complete this inventory by building a functional and application layer based on information that is in the code itself or with information from other systems.


Optimyth's solution uses its top notch code analyzers to automatically discover the complete software map up to the functional and application layers. The inventory browser allows you to visualize and exploit the software map.

Once we have a complete software map we do an assessment by complementing it with quality indicators and metrics that will give you, for example, the complexity of the application code itself and the level of confidence of the different aspects of quality you have defined in your organization, even the business value this applications have for their users.

Based on the assessment you can define actions to rationalize your application portfolio, such as:

  • Remove redundant functionality.
  • Merge applications.
  • Eliminate low quality – low business value applications.
  • Improve quality of high business value applications.
  • Reduce architectural complexity.
  • Apply code refactoring techniques to reduce complexity and improve overall quality indicators.
  • Migrate applications or specific functionality to more maintainable technologies.

And the value of having a complete software map does not stop there. Optimyth’s solution allows you to run impact analysis on your applications, find obsolete components and functionality, discover architectural violations, delta analysis on different versions of your applications and much more.

Are you ready to rationalize your application portfolio and start saving money today?

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